‘We don’t exist for them, do we?’: why people that are working-class for Brexit

‘We don’t exist for them, do we?’: why people that are working-class for Brexit

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Lisa Mckenzie

Estimated reading time: ten full minutes

Working-class everyone was prone to vote for Brexit. Lisa Mckenzie (Middlesex University) takes problem using the idea why these social individuals were ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’. They saw Brexit, while using the uncertainties it might bring, as an option to the status quo. De-industrialisation and austerity has brought a heavy toll on working-class communities – one which the middle-class frequently does not grasp.

It’s 22 June 2016. I’m sat in a cafГ© within the East End of London with two neighborhood ladies, ‘Sally’ – that is 23, has two small kids, and has now been from the council home waiting list for four years, along side over 19,000 other individuals – and Anne, that is inside her sixties and calls herself a loans in an hour ‘proper Eastender’. Her kiddies and grandchildren had recently relocated out from the area and into Essex due to the insufficient an inexpensive house. It’s the afternoon ahead of the EU referendum, and now we are speaking about most of the politics regarding the time, including footballer David Beckham’s current intervention into the debate: he’s got recently announced his support for the campaign that is remain. The ladies aren’t pleased. The discussion goes:

‘What has that **** Beckham got to state about it?’

‘He hasn’t ever surely got to concern yourself with where he could be likely to live, unless it’s which house.’

‘Well him and Posh can get and live where they desire if they want, it is not similar for people, I’ve been homeless now for just two years.’